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The bike is the heart of Biket Initiative; it is the future of transportation and access to education in Mali.

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We have specifically defined how much money is needed to acquire and sustain each bike; we call this concept “Biket.” The idea of Biket not only includes the bike, but also covers the costs of infrastructure and local maintenance. All of this, however, is dependent on contributions.

Currently, one year of contributing to Biket Initiative is set at 108€, or just 9€ a month.

This amount covers the three needed areas: the bike, infrastructure, and maintenance.

The bike:

Estimated at 50€ per bike and specially designed for the African terrain, the unisex bike has a 26″ frame and is equipped with a single gear, chain guard, cable break system, and has a sturdy carrier on the back of the bike suitable for transporting school supplies as well as little brothers and sisters to school.


The infrastructure consists of:

  • A place to keep the bikes when children are not at school and the bikes are not in use (this would ideally be a designated area located at the school and would include a secure railing that the bikes could be locked to)
  • Bike repair workshops;
  • Bulk stock of bicycle parts;
  • Bike locks.


The maintenance consists of regularly revised workshops that would:

  • teach children how to maintain their bikes. Bike tools and parts would be at their disposition for repair;
  • assure that the bikes are used properly by each student;
  • train key people for bike repair. This would teach the community needed skills for future bike building.

By becoming a Bike-o-naute, you can help us reach our goal of 500 bikes by September 2011.
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