Why ?

Making bikes available to children in Mali creates educational opportunities and improves the economy in the Mopti region.

After several years of on-site work with villages, organizations, and community leaders, Grain de Sable has successfully built a primary school and provided access to potable water in remote regions. Having done so, we have since been presented with new challenges even after the school is up and running.

Amongst these problems, transportation is one of the biggest dilemmas.

Attending junior high and high school requires children and teenagers to walk distances ranging from ten to forty kilometers per day. Moreover, room and board at schools for children coming from neighboring areas is not financially possible.

Due to this gross inconvenience of distance, most students abandon their studies.

Our discussions with community leaders and members have led us to believe that a bike is a simple and effective answer to this problem. In conjunction with Grain de Sable, Biket Initiative aims to:

  • provide access to education,
  • unify the community,
  • benefit the local economy.

In conjunction with the nonprofit organization, Grain de Sable, Biket Initiative will raise the funds necessary so the project can eventually become autonomous. To respond to this challenge, two levels of financing have been defined:

  • Short-term financing: contributions finance bikes for students for the beginning of each academic school year.
  • Long-term microcredit financing: contributions help local women and farmers’ organizations buy bikes.

What ?