Up and Running!    

And we’re off! The Biket Initiative website is finally up and running. Everything is set up, and we are ready for your participation.  More information about the site can be found under the sections Why, What and How.

Why a website? The number one goal of this site is transparency – to explain how and where donations are used, as well as how your contributions help develop the local economy.

This project was started so we can buy bikes to alleviate problems of transportation to school, as well as implement bike building workshops.  There is currently very limited funding for Mali; corporate investments are difficult to attain and such grants often finance our larger projects, such as water pumps and solar electricity.  One of the goals of Biket Initiative is to create a community between our donors and projects.  Your donations can be directly linked to a specific child and bike.

It is currently possible to donate any amount or sign up for a monthly donation for one year. A breakdown of the monthly financing option can be found on the Biket2011 page. This financial model is a rough outline that will be consolidated once the bikes are ordered.  The principal idea of an annual contribution of 108€ or 9€ a month is to entirely finance the project, including the bike, maintenance, as well as financing so the project can eventually become autonomous.  All of this contributes to the basic foundation of development: to give children a chance at education.

In the upcoming months, this website will change as the projects itself evolves and grows. Our goal is to eventually establish a virtual space where our generous Bike-o-naut donors are matched with pictures of the student and bike they have financed. Our objective of financing more than just a bike is to also insure that the bike is properly maintained throughout the years, so other children benefit as well.

This is my first blog entry, and I’d like to thank Bénédicte and Abdramane for their contributions in helping start this project.



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